About Us

The J.R. Masterman Home and School Association is a non-profit, non-sectarian and non-partisan organization for the promotion of cooperation between home, school and community. It coordinates efforts of staff and parents for the growth, education and development of children. It raises funds to further the goals of the school as determined by the association.

Masterman Home and School Association 2019 - 2020 Board Members




Barbara Dallao

Vice President

Vice President

Recording Secretary

Corresponding Secretary


Academic Affairs

Jeannette Dumas

April Meidt


Sharon Hoffberg

Natasha Andjelkovic


Fritz Dietel

Michal Leventhal

Business Liaison

Celmouth A. Stewart


Michael Hoffberg

High School Liaison

Madhu Narula


Larry Mester


Amy Weidner

Logo Sales

Reshma Bennur


Van Mahlab

Dawn Levi Baker

Middle School Liaison

Jane Lim-Shah


Alecia Burke

Rooftop and Open Spaces

Avigail Milder

Michal Leventhal

Mimi Romeo


Michelle H. Brown-Nevers

Staff Luncheon

Natasha Andjelkovic

Barbara Dallao

Student Activities Fundraising

Janice LaBella


Jessica Brown

Teacher Liaison for Middle School

Marjorie Brunner

Teacher Liaison for High School

Kathryn Smith

Executive Board meetings are open to all Masterman parents or guardians, whether or not they sit on a committee or hold an elected position.

The president, the two vice-presidents (high school and middle school), recording secretary, corresponding secretary and treasurer are elected by members of the Home and School Association. The principal is an active participant in the Home and School Association.

Masterman Home and School Association By-Laws (Updated January 2019)