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Senior Project Volunteers Needed.

This is Jenn Gentlesk, co-coordinator of Masterman's High School MG Program with Nabeehah Parker. As such, we run the senior projects, which have gotten underway (in the planning stage). We're looking for volunteers to come in Thursday, February 2nd to help review the proposals (about 100, 2 pages each). This involves reading over all the proposals students handed in earlier in the week. We review them in groups of two and decide if we are going to give the students the go ahead for their project in May (we have a checklist). Some volunteers come all day to review; others come for just an hour or two. It's a nice way for parents of younger students in the high school to see what the senior project is all about, and it's a nice way for parents of seniors to be involved in this final major project of their child's high school career. We would love to see some new faces this year! Could you pass this email on to your mailing list, perhaps, and/or announce the opportunity at next Thursday's meeting? Those interested can get in touch with me at the above email (jpgentlesk@philasd.org or by phone at 215-299-3475). Thanks so much! Best, Jenn Gentlesk p.s. We will also need volunteers in May to review the senior project portfolios (May 29th) and the senior project presentations (May 30th, May 31st, and June 1st). But more on that later! Thanks again.