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Orientation Committee

Remember how welcomed you felt on your first visit to Masterman? Greet and direct new students and their parents at Open House and Orientation Days. 

Masterman Parent to Parent

Some Helpful TIPS from the Orientation Committee for your First Year at Masterman!
Congratulations! Your child was accepted at Masterman - now what?

What follows are some tips compiled by the parents of the Orientation Comittee who where in your shoes not too long ago!

To help alleviate excessively hefty backpacks, consider purchasing duplicate textbooks to keep at home, check out www.ecampus.com

Masterman strives to teach your child to be independent, alert, and responsible. Many times, important information is only conveyed verbally in school, and notes are not sent home. Encourage your child to write down, ask questions if they missed something, and share the information with you.

There is truly something for everyone in the way of clubs and activities. Check out the schools website for a list of activities and clubs that your child might want to join. It may require a little effort on their part, but the benefits ar worth it.

Announcements made in school are recorded in the "Mastermanner" - your source for all the nitty-gritty happenings at school. Read it daily on the school website.

Join the Home & School Association's email mailing list. This is the best way to receive the most up to date information from school. (The school does not use a LISTSERV to contact parents). Sign up at Orientation, Back to School Night, via the school's website or in the HSA home.

The school offers a homework club and tutoring. Tutoring is available everyday. Don't be afraid to ask your child's teacher if your child needs help and tell your child its OK to ask for help.

This parent-run store, located next to the cafeteria holds a surprising amount of items. It is open for a portion of the day (around lunchtime) a few days a week. Tell your child to be on the look-ou for opening hours.

Volunteers are needed for just about every Committee int he Home and School Association as well as on School Clean-up/Work days. Many people think that because Masterman is such a large school that the pool of volunteers must be equally large and that someone else will surely be taking care of things- not true! Your help is needed!

Pending any funding changes (and changes to the mileage/distance criteria), all students who live more than 1.5 miles from school will be issued a free Septa student transpass on Friday for use the following week. Don't lose it - you only get one! Transpasses are good for all Septa buses, trolleys, the El, and the Subway. Students who use Regional Rail can trade their transpasses in for discounted regional rail tickets at any Septa sales location.

Want to get to know yor child's peers and check out the class dynamic? Be a chaperone for their class trip! Trip permission slips usually include a request for chaperones-great destinations await!

The amount of homework your child will get and the effort required to do it will most likely be a big adjustment for the both of you. Designate a consistent time and a place for homework. The days of breezing through homework are done, hang tough, they'll get used to it.

Get involved and stay involved! Embrace and enjoy the rigors and diversity of this special school and the positive changes it will yield in your child!
Masterman HSA Webmaster,
Jan 5, 2014, 7:40 AM