Join our effort to deliver 1,000 hand written letters from children to Harrisburg on June 12th.

posted Jun 4, 2013, 6:42 AM by Dawn Levi


Sit down with your child and each write a letter to our elected leaders Harrisburg (we pay their salaries). Tell them what you love about your school, what matters and is wonderful that you can’t afford to lose. Don’t forget to include the name of your school, your name and address. Hand written letters from kids are MOST IMPORTANT because our kids have the most to lose.


Then send that letter to us c/o PCCYPublic Citizens for Children & Youth | 1709 Benjamin Franklin Parkway 6th Fl. | Philadelphia, PA 19103; postmarked by June 7th or hand delivered by June 10th. (Or email it to Sarah C. Stuart


We will HAND DELIVER all the letters to Harrisburg on Wednesday June 12th. Want to be part of the Harrisburg delegation? You can car-pool or train out there with us. (Just let Sarah know


Can you do more? Phone Bank.

You call people throughout the state who care about public education. They help us by making calls so that state senators and reps hear from people outside Philadelphia. This is very powerful and a great opportunity to have your voice amplified.


If you can phone bank, just email with days/approximate times available. You need internet access and a phone to do it from home, and there will be some opportunities to do it from the PA Ed Voters office as well. June 7th will be the first target date.

ALSO Call YOUR City Council member and express your support for two bills that will raise funds for the School District: the "Liquor by the Drink"  and the "Use & Occupancy" bills.  Or attend the June 5th City Council session at 10 am when these bills will be voted on.  The restaurant and business lobby is fighting hard against these two bills. Make sure your Councilmember (and At-Large members) hear from you.


 Keep in touch. Put your outrage to good use.

·       Friend the IMAGINE A SCHOOL Facebook page and post your updates so everyone knows

·       Use the PCCY  and ED VOTERS OF PA websites to get information and take action

·       Get your kids to use their FACEBOOK, Twitter and Instagrams to get their friends involved.