posted May 3, 2013, 3:57 PM by Clara Jerez   [ updated May 3, 2013, 4:16 PM ]
Dear Staff Luncheon Volunteers,

There are no words for how much grateful we are for your generosity. Yesterday was a very happy day for our staff and teachers and the event was a complete success thanks to you.

There were prizes for everyone, an incredible variety of delicious food that represents the wonderful diversity we have in our school and a wonderful and helpful workforce behind the organization during the whole day that made the event run in a very smooth and fun way for all the people that attended yesterday.

If you donate, gifts, money, food, time or all of the above or something else, thank you! This event was only possible because of you. You make the Masterman community a great place to be part of.

We hope you had a great time making our teachers and staff happy and we look forward to keep working with you in the future.


Barbara Dallao and Clara Jerez

Note: If you donate food and you still have serving items to pick up, they will be in the front office until Wednesday. Please stop by and take yours home. After that, the items left will be donated to the Home and School to be used in future events.

Thank you again.