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Masterman Needs Your Help!

posted Aug 31, 2015, 5:32 PM by David Ortiz
Masterman School needs students’ parent/guardian/caregivers to obtain their security clearances and volunteer at the school during the school day – in the front office, on the school patio or in the auditorium before the start of school or in the cafeteria or on the roof-top during lunch, for example.

Who:  All parents, guardians and caregivers who can carve out time to help at the school.

What:  Get your security clearances now so you can volunteer at the school. (see below)

Where:  Volunteer at the school.  Get your security clearances on-line as per below.

When:  Now!  We needs volunteers immediately.  The clearances take time to obtain.

How:  We are making it easy for you, and we are here to help.  Read on.

Good News!  The state and school district rules about security clearances for parent volunteers recently changed. Applications to the two main security clearances – the Criminal History and Child Abuse reports -- are now free, but now security clearances are required for more activities – such as for school chaperones. Fellow volunteers have prepared a FAQ sheet about security clearances that includes links to instructions and online applications. That document can be found here: http://bit.ly/1LEoWqR

The clearance reports can take two weeks or more to obtain, so apply for them now in order to help during the opening weeks of school.  You must have copies of your security clearances on file with the Masterman front office in order to volunteer at the school during the regular school day.  Once you have your clearances, register volunteer task that suits your schedule using our VolunteerSpot sign-up at http://vols.pt/RNeZ1u. VolunteerSpot is an online scheduling and reminder tool. It’s very easy to use.

Masterman needs these parent volunteers with security clearances due to the staff cuts the school experienced in recent years due to the district’s ongoing public school funding crisis. For example, amid district-wide budget cuts, Masterman’s school budget decreased 20 percent – from $8.8 million in Fiscal 2011, to $7 million in Fiscal 2014. The school’s staffing dropped – from 99.3 full time staff to 62.4 FTE staff in Fiscal 2014. Masterman’s past and current principals have found ways to add some personnel since Fiscal 2014, but the school still needs volunteers to help it operate more smoothly.

The benefits of parent volunteering: you help the school run more smoothly, you get to know the staff and teachers better, you get to know your child’s school life better, and your contribution helps to boosts staff morale.

Please get your security clearances now so you can sign up to volunteer ASAP.  If you can’t volunteer during the school day, we urge you to join The Masterman Home & School Association and make a donation to the school through www.mastermanhsa.org.  For more information, contact Masterman HSA Volunteer Coordinator Janet Pinkerton at jepinkerton@gmail.com.