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Middle States accreditation update.

posted Jan 11, 2015, 4:22 PM by David Ortiz   [ updated Jan 11, 2015, 4:24 PM ]
Masterman is currently undergoing Middle States re-accreditation. In 2013, the Middle States committee, composed of administrators, teachers, parents and students updated the Foundation documents which included revising our school mission statement and updating a “portrait of a Masterman graduate.”

As part of the Middle States process, the committee surveyed students, parents and staff about varied aspects of the school. Masterman scored well in most areas like curriculum, instruction, and climate but did not do well in the area of facilities.

Unfortunately, we are limited to what we can immediately change about our building, which is very old and overcrowded with
students, but we are addressing the items that we can monitor. For example, with the help of middle and high school government, we are monitoring cleanliness in the bathrooms as well as food/garbage during lunch periods.

This year the SD fixed the leaks in the roof and a hole in the auditorium ceiling. The water fountains are repaired, and it is safe to drink the water in the school. Masterman also has a newly formed Health Council lead by Ms. Moore, Health teacher, and they continue to work on building a clean, healthy school and student body. 

After much brainstorming, the topic that the Middle States committee chose to focus on last year was building grit and resilience in our students.  Implementation includes an extended advisory once a month when middle and high school students get together in mentoring groups. Lessons include learning about various study skills and discussions which address
things like time management. Various scenarios are given to students to discuss which help them to think about their own approach to juggling their studies and activities. Lessons have been created by Masterman teachers who worked tirelessly this summer in order to try to help students improve academic grit and resilience.

Reports from our students and teachers indicate that this mentoring process is successfully giving students useful strategies and that the Middle/High School groupings are helping to bring our community together. High School students are excited to be working with Middle School students, giving them advice and learning from them. Middle School students are excited to learn about high school, and learn about their upper school experiences.