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Peer Counselors fundraiser.

posted May 10, 2014, 9:37 AM by David Ortiz   [ updated May 12, 2014, 6:00 AM by Clara Jerez ]
Peer Counselors are members of Project T. E. E. N. S. (Teens Educating Each other on Necessary Subjects), a high school peer counseling organization that educates students on many important issues. Masterman has 36 hardworking Peer Counselors, grades 9-12, who work to educate middle school students about a variety of pre-teen issues during guidance. Peer Counselors need leadership training. Earlier this year, the Peer Counselors had the wonderful opportunity to go on a 5-day leadership and team building excursion with the Outward Bound organization. We were lucky enough to have the majority of the cost of the trip sponsored by Outward Bound itself. Next year, Peer Counseling is planning on going on a 5-day canoeing excursion. However, Outward Bound is not able to sponsor us as much as they did last year, and we need to raise approximately $13,000 in order to make this trip viable. We ask for your support in this fundraising event.This group of students are some of the best leaders that Masterman has seen. They work hard every day to positively impact our community. This trip will teach them valuable lessons on leadership and will provide them with skills that they can use to help better the way our program impacts the Masterman community as a whole.

In order to donate, you can go to http://www.mastermanpeercounseling.org. On the home page, scroll down, and there is a button that says "Donate Now". You can click this and donate through our page there. Any and all donations help, and we appreciate your continued support for our organization.Thank you in advance!
Elana Solomon, Amy Shalala, and all of the Peer Counselors