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posted May 17, 2015, 6:19 PM by David Ortiz   [ updated May 17, 2015, 6:34 PM ]
Regrettably, the earlier posting contained an error. Please forgive us, but please do vote!

There are two elections and it is important that you make your voice heard. Please take a few minutes and decide who will run MASTERMAN’S HOME AND SCHOOL ASSOCIATION and SCHOOL ADVISORY COUNCIL. Grab a ballot and mark your selections.  Seal it in an envelope with your child's name on the outside and send to school. 

Both ballots are on this website, the front desk, the bottom of this email and here: http://goo.gl/MKH1Ro 

Voting ends May 22.
J.R. Masterman – Home and School Association Election

September 2015 - June 2017

___ Kim Seibert, President
I have served as President of the Home and School Association for the last two years. Our organization has 
been able to support the students, faculty and staff of Masterman in all areas of the school. I am proud of the 
team that I work with and would be honored to continue serving the community as President of the HSA.

___ Tara Hayden, Vice President Masterman High School
Tara has served as the Vice President for Masterman for the past two years. In addition, she served as the 
HSA representative to the School Advisory Committee and participated in the Principal Selection Committee. 
During the initial years of the Academy of Palumbo, she served as the Vice-President of the HSA. Tara served 
as the Vice-President of Wyncote Elementary School as well as serving on The Cheltenham School District’s 
United Parent Group and Strategic Planning Committee. Tara would like to continue her commitment to the 
Masterman community by serving as a Vice-President of the HSA. Tara is an Associate and Deputy Director in 
the Department of Geriatrics at the University of Pennsylvania and has oversight of a variety of minority aging 
research projects.

___ Drew Seibert, Vice President Masterman High School
My name is Drew Seibert and I would like to be a VP High School. I have been the Treasurer of the HSA for 
the past 3 years. I was asked to come in during the middle of a term, and was then elected to serve a regular 
two-year term. As High School VP I will provide support to the incoming Treasurer, and continuity to the 
team. Go Masterman!!

___ Marcie Soslau, Vice President Middle School
My name is Marcie Soslau. I am the parent of Michelle Johnson, rising 6th grader. I am running for Vice 
President Middle School. I have a lot of HSA volunteer experience, inclusive of Board service, with Michelle's 
elementary school, and I have volunteered at Masterman in my child's classroom and in the office. I'd like to 
do more. I have experience with fundraising, event planning, and relationship building. Our family is excited to 
be part of Masterman and I want to work to support the school, its staff and its mission. 

___ Judith Mester, Treasurer
My name is Judith Mester and I would like to be Treasurer of the HSA. I have been the Social Committee Chair 
for HSA for the past 2 years. I have been supporting the current Treasurer, Drew Seibert on the Finance 
Committee during this entire academic school year. As Treasurer, I will continue to support the Masterman 
Community and look forward to working with the entire Home and School team.

___ Madhu Narula, Secretary
My name is Madhu Narula and my son, Manas Narula, is in 7th grade at the J. R. Masterman School. I am a 
member of the MM HSA’s Board and serve as the current Secretary. I was appointed in September 2013. In 
this position, I have managed minutes of board meetings and ensured the minutes are distributed to members 
after each meeting. I am sufficiently familiar with legal documents (by laws, etc.) to apply to our meetings. I 
work with the organization’s President, the Treasurer, and members at large on any conflicts or approvals and 
make sure they are recorded in the minutes. I am familiar with the Secretary duties and would like to continue 
to serve in this role for the next term.

J.R. Masterman - School Advisory Council Parent Representatives Election

______ Andrea Appel 
My name is Andrea Appel and my daughter, Evyn, is in sixth grade. I have served on the School 
Advisory Council for the past two years and hope to continue to do so. During my tenure, I 
participated in selecting our new principal and several teachers, discussed major budgetary issues 
and provided input on facility and resource questions. For my day job, I am the Civil Rights Counsel 
at the U.S. Department of Labor. If elected, I would be honored to serve another term on the SAC.

______ La-Toya Hackney
La-Toya Hackney is a corporate lawyer specializing in mergers and acquisitions. She is currently 
Assistant General Counsel at TE Connectivity, where she is lead counsel for distributor business and 
marketing and communications. She previously served as Assistant General Counsel at Sunoco, 
where she was chief counsel for retail and commercial marketing business. Prior to that, she was an 
associate at Dechert, LLP, where she specialized in mergers & acquisitions, private equity, securities 
and general corporate law. La-Toya is deeply committed to education.

______ Charles Hayden
The Honorable Charles Hayden is a Philadelphia Municipal Court Judge. He previously served as a 
chief counsel and AA in the US House of Representatives. Hayden worked as Senior Assistant 
Regional Counsel at USEPA and Environmental Counsel at Waste Management. Hayden was also 
an associate at Saul Ewing, LLP. Charles has worked tirelessly to ensure that educational 
opportunities are extended to all students.

______ Solomon Jones
Solomon Jones is an award-winning columnist for the Philadelphia Daily News, and
a commentator for NPR-affiliate WHYY. Jones, the Essence bestselling author of eight novels, has 
been featured nationally on ABC News Nightline, NPR, CNN Headline News, Nancy Grace, and Al 
Jazeera. He appears weekly on Fox 29 Weekend. His latest novel, The Dead Man's Wife, was 
published in 2012 by St. Martin’s Press. He is currently at work on his next novel. Solomon’s 
commitment to education is evident in his literacy program, “Words on the Street,” which he taught in 
six public schools. 

______ Tina Kluetmeier
After years of brutal budget cuts, I am eager to imagine the future and contribute to the vision Ms. 
Brown has been crafting with students and teachers through the Middle States Accreditation process. 
Personally, I’ve witnessed the incredible creativity and commitment of Masterman middle school 
families through Odyssey of the Mind, which I’ve been privileged to coordinate with Ms. Geiger for the 
past 4 years. Professionally, I bring experience teaching ESL, developing programs, and providing 
technical assistance to colleges and community-based organizations. Most recently, I directed a 
national initiative at Temple to bring students and older immigrants together to serve their 
September 2015 - June 2017

______ Jeffrey M. Kralik, Ph.D.
I have been involved with education my entire professional career. After teaching high school math, 
history, and French for ten years, I received my Ph.D. in Educational Policy from Penn in 2009, with 
my dissertation focusing on math and science teacher retention. I have worked for the School District 
of Philadelphia in the Office of Accountability, at three Universities in Philadelphia: LaSalle, Temple, 
and currently, the University of the Sciences teaching and conducting research. I am also on the 
Board of Need in Deed, a Philadelphia non-profit that engages teachers and students in service-

______ Xiaoyan Ming
I am a parent of a Masterman student, and my name is Xiaoyan. I have been involved in the HSA for 
years, in my child's previous school and here at Masterman. I attend lots of school meetings before, I 
try to be a member so I can guarantee be able get in each time. I am very glad if I can be useful, and 
help whenever our school faces difficulties.

______ Sharon Rhinesmith
I am a long time resident of Philadelphia and live with my husband and two daughters right across the 
street from Masterman where my younger daughter is a sophomore. I have extensive experience 
serving on boards that make policy and budgetary decisions: I have been on two homeowner’s 
association boards where I have lived and for the past two years have been on the board of the 
Masterman Home and School Association as chair of the orientation committee. I am also a frequent 
volunteer at the school.

______ Sharif Street
Sharif Street is an attorney at the law firm of Zarwin Baum. He specializes in real estate, business 
law, telecommunications, and government relations. A graduate of Penn law school, he is the son of 
former Philadelphia mayor John Street. Sharif has been active in the arena of education for many 

______ Meg Wise
My name is Meg Wise and I am running for re-election to the School Advisory Council. I have been 
associated with Masterman for over 11 eleven years. My daughter Chloe Yanoviak is a freshman and 
my son Jake graduated in 2012. I value the SAC as a vehicle for parents, students, teachers, and 
administrators to share their perspectives and to work as a team to help Masterman thrive in a 
challenging environment. I am always eager to take ideas, questions, and concerns -- of my own or 
that I’ve heard from others – to discuss at SAC meetings.

David Ortiz,
May 17, 2015, 6:22 PM