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Volunteering at Masterman "A Real Pleasure

posted Oct 13, 2014, 5:48 PM by Clara Jerez

About 70 Parents, guardians and caregivers regularly volunteer at Masterman, helping the school to cope with staff cuts caused by Philadelphia's ongoing public school funding crisis. One new Masterman parent of a 5th grader reports: "It has been a real pleasure for me to help monitor and pick up trash during 5th grade lunch as I also get to know my daughter's new classmates and the general school environment (which I'm very happily impressed by all). I'm very thankful that the Home School Association has come up with such useful options for parents to be able to get involved helping their kids' school."

More volunteer help is needed at Masterman, especially monitoring the students in the cafeteria before the school day (7:15 - 8:10am), and during the lunch/recess sessions (High School, 10:13 - 11:04 am; 7thGrade, 11:04 - 11:55 am; 5th/6th Grades, 11:55 - 12:46 pm; and 8th Grade, 12:46 - 1:37 pm). Please consider getting the required security clearances and sign up to volunteer at Masterman during the school day. 

The Volunteer at Masterman sign-up can be found here: http://vols.pt/RNeZ1u. See http://bit.ly/17C6tET for our FAQs about Security Clearances, including information about how to volunteer while waiting for your clearance reports. 

Questions about volunteering or security clearances? Email Janet Pinkerton at jepinkerton@gmail.com.

Janet Pinkerton
(215) 906-9158 mobile