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Call for Volunteers/Donated Goods

posted Feb 21, 2012, 5:19 PM by Clara Jerez
First of all, on behalf of the committee co-chairs, let me say 'Thank You!' to all who've responded to the call thus far.
We are a little more than two weeks away from our annual Staff Appreciation Luncheon 2012 and the dishes and giveaways are starting to add up...but we need more!!
Here's what our recorder extraordinaire, Pamela Blanding Godbolt, had derived as our needs/requests from the responses so far...'We are in need of more main dishes'! Soooo, with that being noted, here's what we, the parents, need to make happen for a successful event...
We need to fill the room with food from all of our various communities and cultures (with a note telling us the ingredients, of course - gotta respect those food allergies!!).
We'd like to fill gift bags with all types of goodies (enough to make 120 people smile!); we want to make sure, through this event, our Masterman admin and staff KNOW how much we appreciate the work they do for and with our youth. So for those who are still tryin' to think of what to bring or how to help, take note. Lock into the time you can come by to help. Make your final decision on what you can bring (main dish, appetizer, dessert, beverages) and email me so we can note it and breathe easier...

Draft of Schedule for Staff Appreciation Luncheon 2012

7:35am - 10- Intake of food/donations for gift bags
10-ish - 11- Packaging of gift bags
10:45 - 11:55 - Prep of the IMC for the luncheon (the need for quick and quiet efficiency is paramount!)
Noon - Ready to serve!
12:45-ish - Beginning to clear/clean away and packing food for 'take out' (while raffle drawings are taking place)
2pm-ish - Should be wrapping up and ready to go!!

This is the general schedule of times and activities...it is quite fluid!
Also: My co-chairs, who have worked with me for the past 5-7 years (Pamela Blanding Godbolt and Marcia Thomas Bayne[note the last name on the second one] are graduating along with me this year (we have seniors), so the committee will need to have some people take the reins. Contact me regarding your interest as well. It's one of those endeavors that is as fulfilling as anything you'll be involved with at Masterman! Consider it...

And thanks in advance for all your help!!


Steven Bayne, Staff Apprpeciation Luncheon 2012 Chair
On behalf of the committee