posted Apr 19, 2012, 5:53 AM by Clara Jerez
from Mrs. Kearney:

"Monday we wrapped up our second Scholastic Book Fair for the year. Everything about it was uplifting! Many volunteers manned the book fair, setting up, selling items, guiding students, restocking materials, breaking down. Our special features seemed to have paid off. Every customer got a chance to guess how many sour balls were in the jar. Eva in sixth grade came the closest and won the candies. When our fabulous Ms. Fennell, gift basket designer extraordinaire, saw how many students had raffle tickets for the Fun Basket, she made an additional basket! The winner of the first basket was fifth grader, Raymond. A bit of mystery surrounded the second basket: no one claimed the ticket the entire first day. Then before school on Wednesday, sixth grader, Rebecca, breathless and excited, breezed into the library to claim the basket with the winning ticket. A happy ending!

The advantages to having a spring fair continue. In addition to the cash profit of $1,172.95, we had about $44 in straight donations and we received almost $500 worth of books. Scholastic may not always have the best of the best in book selection (it has its share, but the selection is limited), but it does provide popular, affordable materials for our students and is generous with its benefits to the school.

Thank you to all for helping, supporting, giving to the book fair. With all the cuts, I am glad to offer some new books that will interest our students."