Request for In-Kind Donations

posted Oct 22, 2012, 7:05 PM by Clara Jerez
Where do your donations go? The J.R. Masterman Home and School Associations (HSA) receives funds through membership and various fundraisers. These funds are used to purchase books for English and History classes as well as to purchase newspaper subscriptions. We purchase educational equipment such as a language lab, pay licensing fees for databases and other technology to help make the educational experience more interactive. This year, we are helping to fund intramural activities and are in the process of renovating the school library. The library is lighter, brighter and safer. At this time we need to take care of some housekeeping so that we can stay focused on helping to keep our students competitive. Rather than to take from the funds that benefit the students, we are asking for some help. 

Below, please find non-perishable items for which the HSA is seeking donations.

Banners (computer print outs or scrapbook enthusiasts): The banners used by the committees during various functions need to be updated. Some were destroyed in a cleaning accident. If someone has access to a large printer and can make large banners, please send a message through Alternatively, if there is a creative parent who would like to use their scrapbooking skills to make committee signs, please send an email through

Sticky back Velcro 5 packs

Cleaning supplies (i.e. Fantastik, 409, Clorox, etc.) 5 bottles

Cleaning wipes (Clorox or Lysol) 10 containers

Napkins (500 count) 5 packs

Paper towels 10 rolls

Hot cocoa (regular and sugar free) 2 boxes

Scotch tape 5 rolls

Staplers & staples 3

We ask that no one family provides more than two of the following items each:

Clear Storage Tubs (20-25 gallon) (Interior Beautification) 25 units

Clear Storage Tubs (20-25 gallon) (Logo) 5 units

Clear Storage Container (1 gallon) (Closet) 15 units

To keep track of what is coming in, please leave a note or send an email indicating what you provide and when. We will make arrangements for drop-off.