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Cookie Dough Pick-Up

Dear Parents,
The cookie dough will be delivered in the morning Friday, December 9 and we should be able to start distributing it to the students by 11 am at the latest. Parent volunteers will be there to help you pick up your cookie dough, but we will only be there until the end of the middle school day, so try to come early.
Please check your order as soon as you get home and call or email me right away if there is a mistake -- I only have Monday to reconcile
or order anything else.
Thank you for your participation and I have enjoyed my years with you doing this sale -- as my youngest daughter Katie Breiner is graduating this year from this wonderful school, I am passing the baton, and hope someone will step up to help out with this short fundraiser in the future.
Have a great holiday and best wishes for a Happy New Year!

If you would like to volunteer to help distribute the cookie dough, we are in need of parents for the following times:

8:30-10:30 -- set up and then help with delivery
10:30-12:00 -- some lifting of cookie dough boxes and sorting
12:00-2:00 -- help with kids and parents picking up orders
2:00- 3:30 -- help with kids and parents picking up orders

Contact Molly at