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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

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Workers' compensation information has been posted in the main office and the staff lounge. Please see Joanne Smyth, Acting Senior Secretary, in the main office should a work related injury occur.

--Ms. Smyth



Attention 8th Graders: The Audition and Interview Schedule for High Schools is available online through the School District's website. The schedule is also posted in the cafeteria and 8th Grade Advisories.

Middle School Counselors

M.S. STUDENT COUNCIL: There will be a student council meeting on Monday, October 31, 2011. It will be brief. Please make sure that one representative from each class is present.

--Ms. Tait

Any student that does not have a computer at home should let Ms. Lerer know by Tuesday, 11/1/11.

--Ms. Lerer

Do you still have magazine orders you need to submit? It's not too late! Bring in all magazine orders and internet receipts tomorrow. Your sales will still be added to class totals for pizza parties and to determine the year long home for Mr Duck! This will be the last collection day. We need everyone's support! There are extra order forms available in the office. Congratulations to Ms. Leiber's class, 5-5 for highest sales this past week at $1,052!

--Ms. Parker

There will be a mandatory Blood drive volunteer training this Friday, October 28th, 3rd period in Room 15 . All volunteers must attend this training or you can not work at the fall blood drive. Thanks,

--Mrs. Shalala

High School Advisors will be called down to the patio on Thursday, October 27, 2011 and Friday, October 28, 2011 morning for their class photos. Thursday advisory: Juniors and Seniors - Friday advisory: Freshmen and Sophomores

--Mr. Roache

The French Honor Society wants to congratulate Mr. Neale's advisory 9-3 for winning the first "Word Master" competition. Advisory 9-3 will receive their prize next week. Telicitations!!!!

--Mme. Copeland

Masterman students admission fee: $1, outside - guests $3

TODAY at home 3:15pm start, semifinal Phila Pub League PIAA DIst. 12 AA

--Mr. Lieber

Attention Writers! The Second Annual Journalism Conference is Friday, November 18, 2011 at Germantown Friends School. The keynote speaker is the senior editor from Slate, and writers from Sports Illustrated, NPR, The Philadelphia Inquirer will be there also. If you are interested this event, please see your counselor.

--Ms. Gentlesk/HOLA


There will be a mandatory meeting for all current NHS members tomorrow in Room 312 during 3rd period. All members are expected to attend. If you have an MG. please see Madame Copeland for a note. Please bring your lunch and be prompt.

--Mme. Copeland

There are three sweat jackets in the library's lost and found and a small backpack. Please claim before Friday when they will be moved to the school's lost and found.

--Mrs. Kearney

Students in grades 7-12: Would you like to take FREE art classes? Head to the Youth Arts Program at The Asian Arts Initiative at 1219 Vine St.! -Wednesdays- 3:00-6:00 PM: Mixed Media and Songwriting/Guitar -Saturdays- 1:00-5:00 PM: Bookmaking, Photography, Sculpture and Dance. Email or see your counselor for more information.

--Ms. Marcus

Middle School boys and girls volleyball will run every Tuesday and Thursday until December.

--Mr. Grunwald