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Top 3 Masterman Needs for Parent Volunteers

posted Oct 3, 2013, 11:07 AM by Dawn Levi
    Currently, about five one out of every six non-front-office slots for parent volunteers are empty each day at Masterman, and numerous people have asked 'What are Masterman's biggest needs for parent volunteers?" among all the tasks posted on VolunteerSpot. Below are Ms. Neff's Top 3 needs for parent volunteers at Masterman, with the basic times for each task.

1) "Desperate for breakfast coverage." (7:30-8:10am)

2) "Lunchroom and roof supervision" (anytime between 10:13am and 1:37pm)

3) "Bus stop and patio afternoon supervision" (from 3:19pm dismissal until about 3:45pm)

Please keep these priorities in mind as you look at your calendars to see when you can volunteer and/or recruit other parents to volunteer. The sign ups for these tasks can be found here: . Answering these needs will help the school greatly.

ALSO: At Masterman staff’s request, we added a front office volunteer shift from 2pm to 3:30pmeach day. The timing of this afternoon shift works especially well for parents who come to the school to pick their student(s) up at dismissal.  If you can help, sign up here:

Got questions about what it takes to volunteer? Check out our “Pointers for Volunteering at Masterman,” including the rules students must follow and tips for parent volunteers, here: . You can also contact HSA volunteer coordinator Janet Pinkerton or 215-906-9158.

[ITEM #2]

Security Clearances Made E-Z

Wanna volunteer at Masterman but feeling daunted by the process of getting security clearance from the state? 

So was Masterman parent Ronnie Polaneczky until she actually took five minutes to tackle the forms. Her conclusion? It's a snap! So much so, in fact, that she'll be glad to walk you through the process or even fill out the forms with you over the phone. 

"We need so badly for parents to volunteer at school, I'd hate to think the security process itself might keep some parents from giving time when they can," says Ronnie, who just got her official clearance (in record time, no less!). 

For help contact her at 215-858-2683or at